Pain Management in the Oncology Patient

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Pain Management in the Oncology Patient Title of research article Gropelli, T., & Sharer, J. (2013). Nurses' Perceptions of Pain Management in Older Adults. MEDSURG Nursing, 22(6), 375-382.
Type of research study Qualitative
Purpose of study The purpose of this study was to focus on nurses’ perceptions about chronic and acute pain in long-term care. Limited research exists regarding the attitudes of pain management and there is a need indicated to focus on nurses’ perceptions about chronic and acute pain management.
Methods/sample A qualitative descriptive design with a content analysis approach was used to investigate the nurses’ experiences with pain management in the older adult.
The sample included RNs and LPNs who work at a LTC facility caring for older adults. 16 subjects were interviewed. Ages ranged from 29 - 62, with an average age of 41. The average experience was 15 years.
Results Common concerns were found which included; lack of education on pain management, inability to recognize an individualized plan of care, failure to communicate with the physician about pain, and lack of self-awareness of each nurse’s practice.
Limitations The study was only done at one facility. The demographic characteristics of the nurses were all similar so it did not provide a diverse sample. The perceptions were from experiences only from one facility, as many subjects had not worked recently elsewhere.
Conclusions A successful pain management program needs to focus on
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