Pain Persuasive Speech

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It’s so easy to forget how painless it is to live. How easy it is to breathe, to walk, to laugh- to survive. How easy it is to be unaware of your own mortality. How painless it is the sit back, smile, breathe- to simply be, to exist- and yet, in our ease our living and selfishness we forget that others do not have it as easy. Others live every day, every hour, every minute and second in pain. They know they are going to die in a few months- a year, if they are unlucky- yet they are forced to watch as their body’s decay. Where is the fairness in making someone witness their slow death? Terminal illness is just that- terminal. There is no returning, no going back, that person is going to die. There is no medicine or miracle on this earth that will cure them, yet doctors can not even help ease their suffering. Why? I’ll tell you why: people are selfish. 42% of americans have had…show more content…
At what point do others get to decide when another person lives or dies? When they are a vegetable on a breathing machine, more tubes than human? When they are more cancerous tumors than tissue? These people are sane of mind, yet they get written off as kooks because they want to escape the pain. Many of you probably haven’t heard of Jacob Kevorkian. He strongly supported physician assisted suicide. He gained the nickname of “doctor death” for helping over 130 terminal patients meet an end peacefully- sounds horrific, no? A moral travesty? BUt the truth is Morality is no black or white- it's grey.
THe truth is many consider him a hero. The truth is there is a “ balancing act of having to shoulder the weight of your own death while trying to reassure others that it’s okay to go on living.” shane koucyan Why is dying a crime? Because it hurts others? What about the people who are actually hurting? Where is their justice? Where is the fairness in making a doomed man live another day knowing he’ll spend the next 30 curled in a ball before
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