Pain: a Part of Life

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"There is much pain that is quite noiseless; and that make human agonies are often a mere whisper in the of hurrying existence. There are glances of hatred that stab and raise no cry of murder; robberies that leave man of woman for ever beggared of peace and joy, yet kept secret by the sufferer-committed to no sound except that of low moans in the night, seen in no writing except that made on the face by the slow months of suppressed anguish and early morning tears. Many an inherited sorrow that has marred a life has been breathed into no human ear." George Eliot (1819-80), English novelist,editor. Felis Holt, the Radical, Introduction (1866).<br><br>What is pain? In the American Heritage Dictionary, pain is referred to as "an unpleasant…show more content…
You probably think I have gone off the deep end, but pain can be very beneficial. Such as a chiropractor who pops that spot in your back that has been bothering you for months. It can hurt at the time, but in the long run you will be thankful that you had it done. Another example would be childbirth. At the time of the actual birth, I assume, it is very painful. But, when that precious bundle of joy comes out and those motherly instincts kick in, you forget there was any pain at all. You see, without the pain, your child would not have been born into this beautiful world we live in. Even though many would disagree, pain can be a good thing.<br><br>Then, there is the needless pain around us. An example would be a terminally ill patient that has to suffer everyday through the agony of their disease. Watching their own bodies wither away into nothingness, while they can do nothing to prevent it. Or a little girl who was brutally raped because her tormentor enjoyed her pain. The little victim would not only suffer physical injuries, but also emotional pain that will scar her for life. These individuals did not wish this form of pain upon themselves; it just happened. In summary, there is no escaping pain. Pain is one of the realities of life, whether it be physical or emotional. It is one of those feeling that everyone in there life will eventually experience. There is no hiding from it because, like death, where ever you go, it will
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