Pain is one of the most powerful human motivators. People will say anything to make it stop because

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Pain is one of the most powerful human motivators. People will say anything to make it stop because it hurts. And when used specifically to derive information our federal government can make it hurt a lot. No one should ever have to be put through the type of pain that is specifically engineered to hit your pain threshold, engineered to cause you to fear your interrogator, engineered to make you talk. The practice of enhanced interrogation should not be used under any circumstances because it is illegal under international law, it’s not always effective, and it’s inhumane. What is enhanced interrogation? In simple terms it’s when an interrogator uses techniques that are specifically designed to cause you a.) either so much pain that you…show more content…
In fact President Obama released evidence of this in 2009 through a series of documents come to be know as the “Torture Memos.” Some of these memos document the capture, imprisonment, and torture of Abu Zubayadah. Abu Zubayadah was seized in a house raid in Pakistan by the US military. He was thought to be a high-level, active member of Al Qaeda. In thinking this he was brought to America, imprisoned and tortured. In reality he was not even an official member of Al Qaeda despite his minor interactions with them. He was also mentally ill. Through all the torture they put him through they received little or irrelevant information. He was captured in 2002, is still being held in captivity 11 years later and he has not even been officially charged with a crime. (Worthington) Not to mention in this time he had been subjected to a various number of tortures that were done without permission illegally. A memo was sent out requesting the authorization to use the following forms of punishment on Zubayadah: “attention grasp, walling, facial hold, facial slap, cramped confinement, wall standing, stress positions, sleep deprivation, insects placed in a confinement box, and waterboarding.”(Worthington). Ok so at least what they were doing at least was done with permission, right? Wrong. “A Department of Justice 2009 report regarding prisoner abuses reportedly stated that the memos were prepared 1 month after Zubayadah had already been subjected to the specific techniques
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