Painkillers : Drugs And Drugs Essay

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Painkillers in America Jonathan Nask
Palm Beach State College

Opium poppies are one of key ingredients in making prescription painkillers. Analgesic drugs range from acetaminophen, anti-inflammatory drugs, morphine and oxycodone. Each one of these medications have a different potency, but act as pain relievers. Depending on seriousness of an induvial pain will decides which painkiller is most appropriate for the person. Some painkillers are also more addicting than others and are more likely to be abused by drug seeing users. Addiction to painkillers has been a problem for thousands of years and has recently been getting more attention thanks to social media and the recent overdoses highlighted by the news. Analgesic have great benefits for someone going through pain, but taking painkillers can come a price. It is important to note that prescription Opiates can equate to street cocaine or heroin. Prescription painkillers have negatively affected America by leading to addictions, overdoses and death. Understanding Painkillers
Taking painkillers for a certain period can cause a person to become dependent on the analgesic. This causes a person to either need more of that medication or the person will go through what doctors call detox. USA Today recently reported, the FDA recently approved painkillers for children and many are wondering the risk outweighs the reward. One painkiller was marketed as
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