Paint the Town Red

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Is it because when having a night women tend to gravitate towards the bold lipstick shade or the tight dress that leaves little to the imagination in a scarlet hue? It could be from with the wide range of emotions associated with the color. Stop signs, red carpet events, blood, Valentine's day cards, fire trucks, red light districts, burning flames, and painted red fingernails are all places people see this common shade. What does this shade represent? Red has the ability to show feelings of power, danger, and attraction. The color red is used when people want to convey the emotion of power. Many countries include the shade on their flag to indicate power, courage, and revolution. Celebrities often walk the red carpet as a sign of their fame and importance. Kings and queens often used red for the color of their thrones and crowns. Red is a status symbol, a way to implicate importance, and the glory and victory of beating an enemy in the lines of war. The hue is often used to increase appetite, heart rate, and blood pressure, causing red to be a powerful use of manipulation of the body. Red has the power to cause so many emotions, making red's power ability in charge of the other emotions related to the color. An ambulance and fire truck are racing down the road as the bright red lights flash with the only…

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