Painted Babies

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Painted Babies

The documentary Painted Babies is produced by Jean Treays and she constructed it using visual techniques and conventions to persuade the viewer to adopt the views towards the parents, especially the mothers of the baby girls. It has the characterization of the parents and the babies as well as the selection of interview and scenes. the techniques are used in the documentary to shape the viewers on certain issues like the beauty pageants and the lost of childhood and how parents live life through their children.

Asia Mansur and Brooke Breed are done is such a way as to position us against the non-stop encouraging that the parents put on their children. In the first scenes there is an interview response from the grandmother
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An example of this includes when Asia’s mother

pushes Asia to practise a routine one more time, for her Western Wear routine. The final scene also shows that the very next day after the pageant, Asia is practising and preparing for her very next pageant. This shows how she has obviously lost her childhood, and how the parents have a forceful attitude, having absolutely no break, even after such a large and significant pageant. Therefore further selection of images has positioned the viewer about the effects that beauty pageants and the participation in them can have.

Costume has been used in the documentary Painted Babies in order to position the viewer in regard to issues portrayed. Many of the girls are often seen in quite revealing, adult-like costumes, which reveals how these children have lost their childhood in their pursuit of winning. There are many examples of this throughout the documentary, wearing costumes that are obviously designed for adults, only shrunk down to meet a smaller size. The parents are also seen to be wearing such T-Shirts claiming that they were related to their daughters, further suggesting how they were living vicariously through their daughters, seeking the fame and attention that they were receiving. Therefore costume has been used toposition viewers in a certain way in regard to issues discussed.

The settings and environments of the documentary Painted Babies position the viewer to respond to how beauty
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