Painting Skin In Photoshop

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The intent of this assignment is to find out how digital artist use Photoshop to create semi-realistic 3d looking faces. I will be studying images of faces that have relatively realistic skin hair and face shapes. I will be looking at how the artists use light and shadow to create realistic digital portraits. I will also be looking at the different skin tones digital artists use as well as the painting and shading techniques for skin texture and hair. I decided to choose this topic because I wish to enhance my digital art ability and learn new techniques for painting skin and hair. Painting skin in Photoshop isn't one of my strong points so I want to analyse other artist works to find a technique that will suit me best. Realism began in the…show more content…
Like the above image the face looks pretty 2 dimensional as there is not a lot of colour on the face except for a little bit of blush on the cheeks. The shadows in this artwork make it look more three dimensional and realistic than the above one though. Like the artwork above the artist uses movement and direction to manipulate the way the image is viewed except the artist has done this in a subtler way using light to direct the eyes from the head, which is the focal point, along the arm and finishing at the rose. Human Revolution by KR0NPR1NZ
The skin of the person contrast very well with the rest of the picture which makes it stand out. The yellowish tone to the skin makes it look like it is illuminated by a fire light. The brush strokes in this piece are very grainy which gives the skin texture. And there are many patches of small dots on the skin which resemble pores and freckles. This artist like the others uses harmonious colours and also is using the chiaroscuro technique with the hair fading into the background, which is commonly found in renaissance paintings. Wild Phantasm by Kemi Mai
The skin on this piece is very smooth but still with a little bit of
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There are mainly shadows as the light source is coming from behind the person. The brush strokes are very blended and their doesn't appear to be any sketchy brush strokes on the skin. The artist used a doted brush to create the freckles and they are a couple of shades darker than the skin tone. This artist like the others uses harmonious colours but also adds some contrast to the piece with the red light illuminating the figure from behind. Pipi by Hsiao Ron Cheng
The colours that this artist uses makes the artwork look very washed out. The artist adds highlight to the skin of the person in this artwork which gives a nice sheen to the face creating some dimension in the face. This artworks have very soft lines and the skin is very blended. This artist also uses harmonious colours, and also colours that are very close in shade but the artist also adds a little contrast to the piece such as the darkness in the eyes as well as the bottom of the background being blue which makes the pink stand out a little more.
Sir Galahad by
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