Painting Style And Technique For The Modern World

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When we think about Paul Cézanne, we think about a French artist who had incredible painting skills and was an Impressionist painter. Moreover, it is undeniable that his talent was a contribution to the modern world. Cézanne was a great artist, his Post-impressionist artwork is definitely a strong link between late 19th century Cubism and Impressionism. In addition, his artwork is known to have influenced so many artists, such as Matisse, Picasso and so on. Those artists have noted Paul Cézanne as a wonderful master. Additionally, Pablo Picasso once said that "He was my one and only master. He was like the father of us all." Cézanne’s profound influence on later painters can be found in how he illustrates his unique ideas on his subject and in his unique painting style and concept. First of all, one of biggest reasons Cézanne became remarkable was his painting style. His modern style and technique can be considered avant-garde. Even though people may have questioned to his progressive style, he still fulfilled his potential. On the other hand, some people believe that Cézanne’s greatest achievement was his incisive analysis of the contrast between each color’s value and the difference between lights. In fact, he was not only focused on color, but also he spent a lot of time finding the balance between each object by using simple shapes, such as cylinders, spheres and cones. Every stroke in his work has its own effect, but still has to fit with the other strokes to keep the
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