Paintings of the Old Masters

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If one is showed a stunning painting of a red rose, one of the descriptions that could apply to that paining is beauty: seeing such an elegant spectacle of nature being emulated on paper can be quite stimulating. Another description that could be associated with a red rose is passion, as such a color may leave one energized and spontaneous; however how would one respond if they were told that the painting of the rose was painted with blood. Now a painting that once may have suggested the aspects of beauty and passion, may stir descriptions such as fear, aggression, danger and yet passion as well; therefore, bringing one to the understanding that “Every image embodies a way of seeing” (Berger, 142). This is why paintings should be viewed as a spectacle; hence, this brings me to the painting I was presented with by John Berger in his book Ways of seeing in which he argues how through reproduction the modern context of the Old Masters’ paintings severed them from what they meant in the time of their production. The painting that demanded my attention was Wheatfield with Crows by Van Gogh, something that may seem simple at first but is rich with emotion. Through such a work of art I’ve come to understand that paintings are a medium where an artist can illustrate his words/feelings and express…
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