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Bottom paints and bottom paints for boats Bottom paint is a covering applied to the lowermost point of a ship (hull) so as to get rid of growing organisms that may attach to the boat especially at the lower parts or to protect the metallic parts of the hull from corrosion. This is done to enhance the vessel's performance and sturdiness. Another added advantage is the improved contact between a free flow mass of water and the hull of a speedy boat enabling the boat to sail at a much faster speed. Modern bottom paints are composed of biocides (chemical substance that hamper growth of marine organisms), organotin compounds and lethal copper. Types of bottom paints SPC (Self polishing copolymers). It contains a resin known as…show more content…
Wash the hull surface carefully with a wax remover solvent and clean rags before you begin sanding. Otherwise sanding a waxed hull only draws the wax into the scratches making it hard to remove it. Stir By using a paint shaker, run it for a few minutes so as to distribute the copper and the dye evenly throughout the paint. If you don't have it, decant half of the paint into a blending container so that you can blend the remaining half thoroughly without spilling paint onto the ground. Maintain scouring up the copper off the base of the container until the base feels clean. Mix in what you poured off up to a point when the paint is standardized in color and evenness. Some areas won't be protected if the copper is not well and evenly spread. Rolling the paint Revolve the bottom paint on the hull using a roller cover. Extending the handle will make the job easier by keeping you clear of small drops the roller will throw. Protect your body by wearing coats and gloves. Remember that this paint contain chemicals which are highly fatal when they get absorbed by your body. Load the basin of your paint dish with paint and begin the painting using your roller. Be quick because many bottom paints dry fast. Every time you top up the paint dish, begin with mixing the paint in the container so as to maintain the copper in suspension. By the moment you are through, many bottom paints will be well dry to overcoat. It is also wise to look at the specifications on the type
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