Pairing Mastery Learning Approaches Along With Digital Badges

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Chapter 3
Pairing Mastery Learning approaches along with Digital Badges are giving educators a way to transform their current curriculum. This is especially imperative within teacher education programs, where students are taking teaching and learning knowledge into formal education. Educators are looking toward badges to increase engagement (Abramovich et al., 2013; Glover & Latif, 2013), develop mastery with critical concepts (Mehta et al., 2013), and reduce gaps in student knowledge (Bowen & Thomas, 2014; Guskey, 2007). Feedback is emphasized as a critical component (B.S. Bloom, 1968, 1976; Guskey, 2007; Kluger & DeNisi, 1996; Slavin & Karweit, 1984).
Research Design
The proposed research study will utilize a multiple case study design. Case studies are defined as “research that provides a detailed account and analysis of one or more cases” (Johnson & Christensen, 2012, p. 395). Using case studies will give the researcher the opportunity to fully examine how feedback is being utilized by students and instructors through a Digital Badge system. Specifically, the researcher will be able to take an in-depth examination into how the badge system is impacting assessment within teacher education. Case study research will increase the knowledge and understanding of these phenomena (Yin, 2009). In order to address the research questions an exploratory qualitative design will be used. Despite Digital Badges’ gaining popularity within popular media and…
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