Paiute Indians Research Paper

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On Friday, September 11, 1857, 120 emigrants were killed or massacred in southern Utah by Mormons and Paiute Indians on their way from Arkansas to California. They were part of the Baker-Fancher wagon train. Many of the emigrants were from Marion, Crawford, Carroll, and Johnson counties. They started their journey around Boone County in April of 1857 with their leader, who had been to California twice before leading the Baker-Fancher wagon train. About forty families met at Beller’s Stand. After they left Arkansas, the emigrants of the Fancher party traveled through Kansas and Nebraska before entering Utah. They passed Fort Bridger and Salt Lake City before making it to Cedar City. Mountain Meadows is a valley about 35 miles away from Cedar City, where the emigrants were massacred.
Sometime in July in Cedar City, the emigrants tried to buy some grain but the local Mormons refused because they didn’t know if the emigrants were an enemy or not. After the emigrants left Cedar City, frustrated because the Mormans wouldn’t give them the supplies they needed, they took a path through the mountains called the Mountain Meadows path, which was a plateu. On September 7, the emigrants were then attacked the first time by Mormon assailants dressed as
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Army found the partly eaten remains of the emigrants where they were massacred. It is believed that the Mormons had massacred the emigrants out of fear of being attacked and paranoia. The local Mormons were the ones who decided to massacre the emigrants, not the whole Mormon Church. Not only did the Mormons kill 120 men, women, and children, but the United States and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints almost went to war. No one knows for sure why the Mormons massacred the
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