Pakistan, India and The Disputed Region of Kashmir Essay

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Any country’s foreign policy is determined by myriad factors that includes geographical position, relations with other countries, domestic and international affairs and along strategic dimensions. Pakistan is no other exception to this; now this thought paper will discuss what sort of flaws are there is Pakistan’s foreign policy regarding the undisputed territory: Kashmir. The long conflict ravaged part which has caused several wars between India and Pakistan.
Pakistan, ever since its inception, has been proclaiming a right on the territory of Kashmir. Indeed Jinnah argued that “the new nation would be incomplete without Kashmir…and the ‘K’ in Pakistan stood for Kashmir,” While we hear Pakistan’s commitment to help the poor Kashmirs, …show more content…

India did intensify its firings on the villages of Kashmir by justifying how it was trying to prevent Pakistan trained militants from taking over Kashmir and entering its territory. Pakistan claims Kashmir to be part of its territory but the fact that the Kashmiri militants are seen as extremists and rebels are putting the Kashmiri cause behind the scene since the international community has been projected with the image that the Kashmiri Movement is dangerous and needs to be smothered, thus the peaceful image of the innocent Kashmiri people being slaughtered in cold blood with their struggle for freedom has been projected in a more violent, vile way and has little sympathy from the International front. Jonah Blank puts it into simple words as to what the two nations view regarding Kashmir: “Politicians in both capitals see only the Kashmir they desire to see: for Pakistanis, a Muslim land pining to join its Islamic neighbor and welcoming the intervention of mujahideen; for Indians, a state ravaged by terrorism and sedition but now largely brought under control. Both visions are clouded by self-delusion.”
The Kashmir

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