Pakistan Is A Complex Country

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Pakistan is a complex country, both because of harsh physical terrain and because of a historical unpredictable government. Pakistan is constantly in the news, and a topic of discussion in The United States. Many of the fighters the American forces are fighting in Afghanistan come from Pakistan, or at least find a safe haven in the mountains of western Pakistan. In addition, Pakistan is a nuclear-armed country that has a shaky government at best. I find it fascinating that a country that has a government with such a sporadic history filled with attempts to overthrow it and coups maintain a nuclear arsenal. How was this possible? I know that the United States and its allies put much effort into keeping countries such as Iran and North Korea from attaining nuclear weapons. What was going on during the development of Pakistan’s nuclear program? While Pakistan is an ally of the United States, in the region that Pakistan is located that could change quickly. In addition, I feel that you must prove that you are a stable country and society before you are permitted to possess such powerful weapons. Pakistan provides a very interesting topic of discussion that some people may not be aware. The two reasons listed above are the main reason I chose to write about Pakistan, knowing little else about the country, but through my research, I found that there is more to Pakistan than just those two areas, beginning with how the country initially formed. Pakistan formed on
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