Pakistan Public Service Commission ( Bpsc )

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BCS exam is the highest examination system for recruitment of officers for different cadres of Bangladesh Government Services which includes administration to education. The elaboration of BCS is Bangladesh Civil Service. It originated from the Central Superior Services of Pakistan. Since independence it has been known by Act as Bangladesh Civil Service. The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) is the main policy setting and recruitment body of BCS. The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) is a quasi judicial body established in 1972 under the Constitution of the People 's Republic of Bangladesh. It works under the provisions of the Article 137 - 141 of the Constitution of Bangladesh and certain other rules and regulations made by the government from time to time. It works to help the Govt. to establish an appropriate civil service for the 21st century through selection of capable & efficient officials for the Republic who would be endowed with high level of integrity and dynamism.
Bangladesh Civil Service has 28 cadres which are recruited by preliminary, written and viva test. A large number of student of our country want to develop his career as a civil servant. There are many factors which motivate them to be civil servants. But at the same time the participation of female student is not enough in accordance with expectation. It is happening because of some reasons in the perspective of our country as well as some family matters.


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