Pakistan Role in War on Terror

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The events of September 11 impacted international polices and the regional situation within Pakistan necessitated change to its internal policies. Pakistan found that it had no risk-free options: all polices were full of danger and risk of varying degrees. The test was to adopt such a policy and course of action that could minimize the risk and offered the best possible option in the given circumstances.
Geo-strategic location of Pakistan and links with Taliban administration absolved Pakistan to remain unaffected immediately after the attack. Moreover Pakistan was among the three countries, which recognized the Taliban government. Any effort of US and World coalition against Taliban could not have been succeeded without active
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More than 500 US soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan, and on the other hand US has also spent billions of dollars in Afghan War. But still they are unable to achieve any considerable success in Afghanistan. Use of force in Afghanistan and in Pakistani Tribal Areas has caused thousands of civilian casualties. Situation in most parts of Afghanistan is out of the US control. New Obama Administration should work with Pakistan government for the peaceful settlement of these issues, dialogue and reconciliation efforts can only bring peace and stability in the region. In coming paragraphs Pakistan’s role in War on Terror will be discussed briefly.

Targeting and Capturing Al-Qaeda Insurgents
Pakistan has played a crucial role in the War against Terrorism. It has been a key ally in this war. It is a hard fact that US cannot win this war without the support of Pakistan. Pakistan’s geographical proximity with Afghanistan made it more important for the United States. Pakistan shares long border with Afghanistan which is mostly consists of rugged mountainous terrain, and it is difficult for surveillance. After the US attack, flux compelled people from Afghanistan to get refuge in Pakistan; they have centuries old linkages Pakistani tribal areas and moved freely. In this backdrop Taliban and some Al-Qaeda remnants also found refuge
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