Pakistan Winning the 20-20 World Cup

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A Nation battling Terrorist Attacks on a daily basis, An Attack on a visiting cricket team a few months ago threatened to isolate its national team and the country as a whole from the rest of the cricketing world with all the countries canceling their tours citing security reasons. To Make Matters Worse, The ICC cancelled all the matches which were allotted to Pakistan as a Host Nation for the 2011 Cricket World Cup & also shifted the Champions Trophy to a different Country, Pakistan’s players were barred from playing in the season 2 of the Cash Rich Indian Premier League with many of it’s franchisees terminating its contracts with the Pakistani Players. – Clearly a Nation on the brink of
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With its’ bowlers in great form especially the 3 M’s – Malinga. Muralitharan & Mendis, And after the Semi Final drubbing which they handed over to West Indies – It clearly became the hot favourites of the punters and Cricket experts alike as the most balanced side with an inform batting attack capable of defending any total & the batting lineup clearly in form to chase any total. – The Odds favouring Sri Lanka & once again Pakistan became the Underdog – A Situation which the team loves as they can play with any preassure and only with the intention of Winning. Two years ago against India, in the inaugural World Twenty20 final in Johannesburg, Pakistan blew their chance for glory when Misbah-ul-Haq choked on his emotions at the end of a stunning match-turning counterattack, and chose the wrong ball to flick over fine leg. Pakistan was committed not to repeat it this time. And When the Final did start – Pakistan produced a totally different kind of Performance – Which not only stunned the Sri Lankan Batsmen but also the World, A Performance which was Clinical, professional and un-Pakistani!! It was a clinical, thought-out and utterly

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