Pakistani And The Warlpiri ( A Group Of Indigenous Australians

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Pakistani and the Warlpiri (a group of indigenous Australians) cultures each have unique marital practices that predominantly contrast from one another. In the recent past, the Warlpiri have taken steps in becoming liberated in regards to marital customs. The majority of young adults now reject arranged marriages, regardless of what their elders have decided, preferring instead to find their own spouse (usually a first cousin). Once two people have mutually chosen each other, the wedding itself is nothing more than the woman moving to join her husband in his home. However, once married, many spouses take on a boyfriend or girlfriend outside of the marriage. This is socially acceptable so long as the boyfriend/girlfriend is of the correct relation and there is no objection from the other spouse. It is not uncommon among the Warlpiri to have multiple marriages (one at a time) throughout a lifetime and most do not settle in with a long term spouse until they are middle aged. Obtaining a divorce is a simple affair; one spouse merely moves out of the shared home in order to signify the abrogation of the marriage. These marriage customs contrasts greatly to that of Pakistan, where women experience less freedom than the Warlpiri. In Pakistan, arranged marriages are common. In some circumstances, couples may have partial say in who they marry, but typically there is no choice in the matter. Women usually have to have a dowry, which goes up as a woman gets older. This largely

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