Palace Of Westminster Research Paper

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Imagine it's 1834 in London and the Palace of Westminster had just caught ablaze and is burned almost to the ground by a massive fire.Now imagine yourself winning a competition and being allowed to create a master peice that would stand for years to come.Architecht Sir Charles Barry and gothic architect Augustus Pugin won the competition and got the chance to design the new Palace of Westminster.The Palace of Westminter is comonly known as the House of Parliament and holds the U.K parliament, but used to be home to the royal famileys back in the medieval era.The Palace of Westminster is a true piece of architectural history and is one of the first big victorian/gothic structures in architectural history.

The Palace of Westminster was built in London,1835 and was completed in 1859.It took about 24 years to construct, and it is a true piece of art that will stand for years.The building stands alonside the River Thames in Westminster, giving it the name The Palace of Westminster.One of the usages of the palace is to hold meetings for the U.K Parliament
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