Essay on Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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* Character~ Cecilia has changed/developed more powerful actions and bravery. She has turned from being too shy to ask if she is the real princess and instead she quotes, “Sir Stephen are you Desmia’s tutor too?” on page 6 which is showing us that she was too scared to ask . Then in the middle she was turned into someone who thought they knew everything but she really didn’t on page 171 she says, “I am the real princess.” when she actually doesn’t know. During the end Cecilia was brave enough to tell all the girls that they could rule as equals. As in the book it says on page 283, “ Of course we could all rule as equals-there thirteen of us ,so there’d always be someone to break the tie”. Which had showed that she was brave enough to say…show more content…
Denotation for the word Cortona is a city in the book Palace of Mirrors and the Connotation would be a royal city for the rich in the book Of Palace of Mirrors. The word Cortona is important because thats the city where the castle is located with 12 princess’s. The Connotation for the word fathers would be a parent who is a male and might be loving and caring and the Denotation for the word would be male parent. The word father is important because since Harper’s father had died in the war in the book it showed how angry and upset he was when someone brought up the word war page 59. The Denotation for the word Princess is the daughter of the king and queen and the Connotation is a female leader maybe going to take the next line in the throne. The word princess is important because Cecilia is going to become the princess with 12 other girls. Connotation for the word Safety is not being harmed by someone/yourself and the Denotation is the act of being safe. Safety is important because without safety the princess’s could be in a lot of danger. Denotation for the word knight is a mounted soldier and the Connotation for the word is a soldier to look after someone during a time of war. The word knight is important because without the knights the princess’s wouldn’t be princess’s they would all still be orphans. The Denotation for the word queen would be the wife or consort of the king and the Connotation for the
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