Palawan Vocal Music

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Folk Music of Palawan

Vocal Music : Bagit, Kulial, (song), Tultul (epic chant), Ulit (shamanic chant)
Instrumental music :
Aruding ( Jew’s harp), babarak (ring flute) suling (banded Flute), basal (gong), kusyapiq (lute) , pagang (bamboo zither)u
Social Functions: Ritual music, music of expressing contrasting emotions, Composition : Bird songs, Kulial songs, Epic songs (i.e kudaman)
People of Palawan * Tau’T batu tribe
-They are a sub-group of the Palaw’an tribe that live in the Singnapan Valley found in the southern part of Palawan. They live in the caves during rainy seasons and farm using the kaingin system during dry seasons. As compared to the other tribes, they are familiar with business or trading concepts like
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The harp is a multi-string instrument which has the plane of its strings positioned perpendicularly to thesoundboard. Organologically, it is in the general category of chordophones (stringed instruments) and has its own sub category (the harps). All harps have a neck, resonator and strings. Some, known as frame harps, also have a pillar; those without the pillar are referred to as open harps. Depending on its size, which varies, a harp may be played while held in the lap or while it stands on a table, or on the floor. Harp strings may be made of nylon, gut, wire or silk.

Cebuano Music
The wide repertoire of Visayan songs includes ballads, lullabies, harana (serenade), children's songs, working songs, drinking songs, nonsense songs, and a lively song-and-dance debate called balitaw.
For a sampling of one or more of these genres, click on the links below.Ako Anak ni Tatay (children's song)
Ilo nga Bata (children's song)
Pakitong-kitong (nonsense song)
Si Pelimon (work song)
Ako kini si Angi (work song)
Sa Lungsod sa Buenavista (ballad)
Matud Nila (love song)
Adiyos Nanay ug Tatay (wedding song)
Dandansoy (drinking song)
Balitaw (debate song) Traditions: 1. Sinulog in honor of Santo Niño (Cebu) The famous Sinulog festival in Cebu City is held every year on the third Sunday of January. The festival is
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