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The Paleolithic Diet You see it every day, someone goes to grocery store grabs a box of Mac and Cheese some frozen burgers and goes home to make their families dinner for that evening. But what did man do before processed food was available? Even more so, what did man do before the agricultural revolution almost 10’000 years ago? The term “Hunter-Gatherer” is almost lost to the modern world, something that you only hear about in stories of our past or in fictional recollections. Another question I pose to the reader, What is the food that we consume today doing to our bodies? Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death, accounting for 41% of fatalities. So what can we do, How do we change how we have been eating our entire…show more content…
So what is the all-encompassing question that when answered correctly, can provide us the template for human nutrition that we have been lacking for so long? It is actually very simple, “Why?” yes why do we have nutritional requirements in the first place. Well we know that Humans, most Primates, and some species of bats must have Vitamin C included in their diets and if they were to go without they would get scurvy. A lion is a carnivore, meaning that it is designed to eat the flesh of its prey. But when zookeepers fed only raw muscle meat to the lions, they developed vitamin A deficiency, and bone loss, and eventually died. Observations that were made in lions natural habitats revealed that the lions ate the entire carcass including the organs, liver, and ribs. This would provide the lions with all essential nutrients they needed. So why eat like a caveman, why change the established norm set by society? Research says that if by following the traditional stone-age diet our bodies will get a everything required of it and will fight off disease more effectively. What is wrong with our current diet however? Dr. Loren Cordain PhD. in her book The Paleo Diet has outlined the answer to this question in seven short answers. Number one, Not enough protein. Humans only consume about protein in about 15% of their daily caloric intake, but

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