Paleo Dieting Essay

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Human beings have been eating for more than 2 million years but the advent of agriculture started only about 10,000 years ago. It's the Agricultural Revolution which happened in the Neolithic Era introduced human beings to some of the high starchy foods such as rice, wheat, pasta, breads and other foods that are heavily processed into our diet. The wide spread claim of many paleo nutritionists is that individuals can restore their energy levels, health and also their waist lines by adapting and consuming the foods which we are used to since our inception. Many people have experienced startling changes since they have adapted to the paleo dieting plans. The basic premise of the paleo dieting is to consume foods that are raw or processed in a…show more content…
Eating real and healthy foods also helps in avoiding the craving for junk foods which are the main contributors of unhealthy fats. Eat good fats which can be obtained from natural oils such as coconut, flax seed oil, avocados, hemp etc.

Supplement when necessary - No diet is completely perfect and packed with nutrients unless we eat the right amount of food which supplies the key vitamins and minerals. Taking supplements for Vitamin D, Omega - 3 and Vitamin B-12 (especially for vegetarians who are trying to follow paleo diet) helps to maintain the required balance and meet the daily dieting requirements of these vitamins.

Exercise - The complete benefit of any diet cannot be fully achieved without doing the required physical activity to burn the energy before replenishing them with healthy diet.

Optimization -Optimizing your diet according to your likes and dislikes is essential in order to achieve long term success and benefits of paleo. Individuals who are following a complete paleo diet will witness tremendous increase in energy and their overall health and life
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