Paleolithic Art Chapter 1 Summary

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In chapter 1 of the book, the paleolithic era, neolithic era, as well as the importance of art, ceramics, megaliths, myth, and sacred sites in the development of cultures during those eras were discussed. One of the main ideas that show importance in the chapter is when the cave paintings of Chauvet were discussed. The level of realism, naturalism, and representations of animal appearances help show the complexity of the paintings in the cave. Another cave that was discussed was Lascaux and the piece of art that was shown is the wall painting that had the bird headed man, rhinoceros and a bison. In this image the animals were represented with a more natural look and the human which was added later on shows a more abstract representation of human beings. With the paintings in Chauvet and Lascaux, the sophistication of the art and realism seen in the art clearly shows a more culturally linked reason as opposed to linear progression of the sophistication in art. Another main idea in the chapter is the creation of small female figures during the paleolithic era. These figures were thought to have spiritual significance, showing the ideals of the appearance of woman during the time, fertility, and also potentially being guardian figures and showing connection to the origin of life. This helps show the…show more content…
The influence of art, myth, sacred sites, and the paleolithic and neolithic eras on the development of culture helps explain how our modern society has origins from the past. The most interesting part of this chapter for me was learning how the development of early civilization through increased sedentary lifestyle helped influence the development of culture. This is the case for me due to the interesting connection between the past and the present through the changes in culture and survival throughout
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