Palestinian-Israeli Conflict from the Perspective of Palestinian Filmmakers

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Palestinian-Israeli Conflict from the Perspective of Palestinian Filmmaker Name

Palestinian-Israeli Conflict from the Perspective of Palestinian Filmmaker The Palestinian movie industry has significantly grown in the resent past despite the challenge they face with majority of the movies coming from different sources of film production. There lack adequate equipments that are used to produce the movies, and this poses a great challenge to the industry. Lack of funds to finance the movie production, further, poses a greater challenge in the industry. The various Palestinian movie production sites include the Authority of Palestinian, the different Diasporas in Palestinian and also other producers in Israel. The Palestinian
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Below are pictures of the movie ‘The Syrian Bride’ (Riklis, 2006).

Furthermore, some Palestinian films portray new sociologists and historians modern when contrasted in various Palestinian movies. For example, the film ‘The House” portrays the Arabs as technicians and portray the Israelites as violent and sadists. The movie shows the way Israeli used their superiority to violently conquer Palestine. That was after being allowed a land to settle in Palestine. The Palestinian movie of 1980’s is seen to have instances of violence which are similar with the ones found in the movies of 1970’s. The aspects common in the movies in the two decades include financial and political instability, the need to recognize and equip the filmmakers in the cultural sector. Israeli-Palestinian conflict is viewed in varied perspectives by both the filmmakers from the Arab countries and also the entire entertainment industry. Using movies to represent various challenges and differences provides insight, interpretations and also exposure to reality to the observers. That is a major approach that the Arab movie makers and other filmmakers use in their attempts to solve the conflict between Israeli and Palestine. Many filmmakers have produced films that focuses on the issue between the two countries and that helps in understanding the concepts presented. For example, ‘Parade Now’ is a movie that has created awareness about the problems that the
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