Palestinians' Demand for Independence

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Imagine someone took your own land away from you. Wouldn’t you fight back and seek justice? Wouldn’t you fight every bit of obstacles to gain independence? That is what the Palestinians are trying to do. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is a controversy between Israelis and the Palestinians over control of Jerusalem. The Israelis are mostly Jewish and the Palestinians are mostly Muslims. Jerusalem is located between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea and is one of the oldest cities in the world. At this moment, Israel controls the land. The Palestinians live in two areas called the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians only want to declare independence from the Israelis and create their own country in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Currently, they want support from the United Nations and want President Barack Obama to accept their request for freedom. President Barack Obama should endorse the Palestinians request for independence for many reasons.
First of all, others might say Israel was involved in the Six-Day War to protect themselves from the five Arab countries from attacking them. For example, in 1967, Israel fought against the five Arab countries, which were Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia because they were all planning to destroy Israel. The Israelis say that, “Egypt’s Nasser was planning a Pan-Arab invasion to eradicate Israel” (Israeli 10). The fact that Egypt was planning to attack Israel illustrates that it was a defensive war because
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