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After I had begun my career as a stonemason, at the age of twenty I was taken on by Gian Giorgio Trissino. He educated me as a Humanist and through this enlightenment I was metamorphosed into an architect and an authority on the subject as well. By reading Virtuvius and following the example of Alberti, I was inspired to write a treatise of my own. I entitled the work, one of my many books , "Quattro libri dell'architettura", and in it placed many plans, wood cuts, and elevations of my own buildings. My work in architecture was so profound that the entire style of eighteenth century Classical architecture was named after me, Pladdianism. Unlike Alberti, whom I respect very much, I was involved in the building process in my
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To begin with, in order to give the Villa Rotonda dramatic effects I approached it as an ancient Roman temple. I placed a large, hexastyle portico on all four sides of the building. The porticos are complemented by flights of steps that anchor the villa to the hill on which it is placed. The four porches with six Ionic columns are not a necessary part of my villa, but adds to the symmetry found throughout it. They also provides a view of the countryside and some relief from the heat. Normally this type of approach would be used on a temple, but the combination of sacred and domestic only adds to the formality and grandeur of the building. In contrast to my four porticos, on the Chiswick House there is found only one portico (Trachtenberg Hyman 377). Lord Burlington also made the portico too small and not in proportion to the house, which leaves a blank corner. If he was attempting to replicate my portico, it is curious that he chose to use Corinthian columns whereas I used Ionic. Rather than having merely one flight of stairs, Lord Burlington makes the entrance complicated with many stair arrangements. In an attempt to add to the splendor of the exterior and to show off the wealth of the owner, Lord Burlington adds eight chimneys on the roof. Instead of adding to the dramatic effect, this merely creates an appearance of clutter and
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