Palliative Care Nurse Case Study

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shown to affect health – either physical or mental" [6]The palliative care nurse practitioner plays an important role by managing symptoms and for caring for the entire family. Palliative care nurse practitioners are skilled in guiding families through the complex situations of hospitalization and care at home. In addition Palliative care nurse coordinators have knowledge of resources within the hospital and the community. They generally have experience working with agencies that provide children with nursing care, equipment and therapies they need to improve their quality of life. They also have a good sense of how to help other health care providers work together to provide the best care possible for children and their families[7].
Specialist palliative care nurses bring a unique set of skills and qualities that enhance the care and support provided to people facing the end
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Significance of the Study
Providing quality care for dying child is the primary concern, critical care nurses are responsible for caring for these dying patient, because about 20% of intensive care unit (ICU) patients die while hospitalized. Death in the ICU environment can be complicated and is often unnatural. Although the ICU is typically viewed as an intensive life saving area, a number of child die in the unit, and the care provided to these children shifts from a curative focus to one of end-of-life care.
Sometimes the transition from critical care to end-of-life care is instantaneous, and the urgency associated with end-of life decisions for these children creates challenges for the nurses providing this care. Therefore nurses whose day-to-day practice focuses on saving lives, a sudden or even gradual change in a child's situation to end-of-life care can cause a disconnect between what nurses routinely do in the ICU setting and what they are now expected to do. Fewer studies could be located that has examined the effects of educational program on nurses provide end of life
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