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Palliative care is a profession dedicated to relieving the pain of those who are gravely ill. At first glance, it seems like it would be a widely respected profession. After all, who likes pain? However, as the many decades of political debate have shown us, anything that has to do with healthcare is complicated. As one study from the Canadian medical association journal shows us, many people still have a very widely negative of palliative care. As the study highlights, many patients panicked when they said they were being seen by a palliative care team. They thought that they were being relegated to death. However, even though a negative view of palliative care persists in today's culture, one magazine insists that this view may be changing.…show more content…
In the Canadian survey, many people had negative perceptions of palliative care even after they said it was helpful. The people in the Harvard interview said the exact opposite. Many people in the Harvard interview described palliative as their savior and had nothing but praise for it. One of the interviewees named Ellen Waddil said that she originally thought that administering palliative care meant “giving up” on the patient but afterwards she described it as saving a deep emotional connection with her son. These testimonials were particularly persuasive because the magazine presented these people as actual people as supposed to just numbers in a survey. In addition, the testimonial reasonings given were also sound. A sufficient amount of examples were given to cover many different types of patients and people who underwent palliative care. As a result these testimonials could be seen as representing many people who undergo palliative care. In addition, none of the examples seem to have fallacy and they are extremely descriptive in their details to prevent any sort of ambiguity. As a result, these personal stories from the Harvard Magazine are very persuasive in both a logical and emotional…show more content…
The sources diverge about whether or not palliative care can be seen as something positive for society despite the stigma. The Harvard magazine article is able to effectively argue in a very emotional and highly detailed manner that people are beginning to warm up to the idea of palliative care. On the other hand, the canadian study was able to effectively reason that many people today still carry the stigma of palliative care despite its benefits. Maybe its because I’m biased towards palliative care and its general rise, but I believe that the Harvard article was ultimately more persuasive. The Harvard article was able to reason with both logic as well as human emotion and as a result was ultimately more
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