Palm 150 Praisess: The Book Of Psalm

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The Book of Psalms is a collection of 150 Praises. It is believed the collection was written over a span of time, possibly from 586 BC and earlier. The Psalms were originally written as songs. About half of these were actually written by David. The Psalms are broken up into five sections and Psalm 123 and Psalm 124 are from the last section dealing with captivity. Psalm 123 focuses on lifting our eyes to the Lord who is on Heaven’s throne, and seeking His mercy. Our yearning for God is similar to the way a slave looks to the hand of its master. We seek God’s mercy as we endure ridicule and contempt from others because of our Christian faith. Psalm 124 focuses on the fact that God can help people overcome all adversaries.(Kranz). Even those who appear to be stronger and better. This essay considers …show more content…

David isn’t clear about what he is writing about, but he was clearly moved by the event. We see this in the first two lines where David felt he had to repeat himself by saying “if it had not been the Lord who was on our side”. It’s as if he can’t bare to think of what might have become of them. Some feel he wrote it when he was fighting the Philistines. The Philistines were a powerful people but David overcame them and he attributes his victory to God protecting and helping them win. He clearly feels they escaped certain death. David’s use of such strong words like raging, engulfed and torrent shows how afraid he was. God brought them through this great danger and they owe it all to God. Without the lord on the side of Israel. They would have been destroyed by the danger they faced He compares himself to a bird in a cage and how fragile and helpless we are against danger and evil. David is more than grateful and willing to give God the glory and not himself. Life is full of challenges and dangers. Many of these challenges are so great that God and God alone can get us through. All praise of safety should be given to

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