Palm Island Case Study

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Palm Island is one of 16 Islands in the Palm Island Group. Located 65km north of Townsville in Cleveland Bay, the community comprises 2,340 people (Australian Bureau of Statistics release 1.1).
The contemporary Aboriginal name for Palm Islanders is ‘Bwgcolman people’ (pronounced Bwook-a-mun), which means ‘many tribes – one people’ (Palm Island Aboriginal Shire, 2013). Many of today’s community members are descendants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people forcibly removed to Palm Island from throughout Queensland (The State of Queensland, 1995 – 2016).
The first recorded European visitors to the waters around Palm Island were British Royal Navy personnel. In 1770, Captain Cook named the Palm Island group during his exploration of the east coast of Australia (E Stock, United Kingdom, 1893).
Palm Island was gazetted as an Aboriginal reserve in June 1914 and in 1918, a
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The Act conferred local government type powers and responsibilities upon Aboriginal councils for the first time. The council area, previously an Aboriginal reserve held by the Queensland Government, was transferred on 27 October 1986 to the trusteeship of the council under a Deed of Grant in Trust (DOGIT).
On 1 January 2005, under the Local Government (Community Government Areas) Act 2004 (Qld) (the “CGA”), the Palm Island Aboriginal Council became the Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council.
Taken into account the above history, it is very important that all families at the service feel welcomed, that they feel secure in the knowledge that they form part of a service that is free from bias and racism, and that diversity is celebrated.
Diversity or multicultural education is not a curriculum, but should be a continuous approach to working with children and their families every day (Ormrod,
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