Palterio In The Reign Of God

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The temporal life is the one we live before the second coming of Christ . It is vastly different from the Eternal life we are promised if we live by the word of God. In the temporal life Satan still plays an active role in this world .As a result, , suffering, heart ache and sin don't just exist they are rampant and a common part of life. "His influence is not just seen in human beings by the earth itself"(Rice,1997,pp.344). Everything decays and dies eventually before the second coming of Christ. In the Eternal life, things are much the opposite. The earth is refurbished to the state it was before sin. The devil no longer has a hold on the earth and all who dwell there. As all sin is removed and the earth is purified by God, satan is and his army is destroyed with it .In the eternal life all who have been given salvation is made immortal, never to feel pain or suffering again. The redeemed" will receive new names, eternal life and authority over the nation"(Seventh-day Adventist Church Inter-American Division, 2012. pp 321) .Human , like Adam and Eve once did in the garden of Eden will be able to sustain the presence of God. They would be no hatred or…show more content…
Hope along with love in pivotal in the Christian life style. It is powerful as it influences experiences ,expectations and attitudes. Hope can give the future thought uncertain, meaning. It also provides the means "to gain the right attitude in the present in order to attain future goals"(Rice,1997,pp.358). The reign of God stated "hope directs us towards something beyond the present, superior yet to come" (Rice,1997,pp.358) . I never realized how important Hope is in our everyday life. It gives us to means to move forward and embrace the present with courage .Hope gives us strength to reach our goals .This is especially true when embracing a Christian life style . The hope that salvation and eternal life will comes ,drives us to better in the
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