Essay about Paltryce Eversol: The Dungeon Keeper

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THE CITY-GOERS OF BA’SHU FALLS recognized Paltryce Eversol as the handsomest dungeon keeper to ever have employed the dangerous work of monitoring impractical criminals. He was the first generation of a tribal family taken as slaves from a vastly unknown and eastern continent. That continent was so much as unexplored as it was named. Since the first few thousand of those people were taken and spread about the world, no one ever ventured to the land again. It was too dangerous—the voyage and the largely enigmatic realm.
City locals suspected that the savageness of his people would sustain his status. He would always be filthy, yet handsome for slave standards, as were his parents. But Paltryce was smart. As he grew into a young man, his …show more content…

But this… all based on his intelligence to escape a most deplorable status? Not exactly. This was not all that Paltryce was good for and in fact, it was little at best. It was whom his youthful half-sisters were that made Paltryce an especially, and unsuspected, prominent figure. The young dungeon keeper owned a more principal and unprofessed reason why the ruling and noble Godlyric family had him justly ensnared. For a long time now, Armodaim Jeran and his loyal batons of lightning had arranged grand plans for Paltryce and his family. Yet before this confession, a widely known fact of this world, of men in general, was that they were lustful for the unknown. Paltryce’s family, these tribal men and women, represented that exact notion to the Loynn people, specifically their slave masters. Paltryce was already a budding and savage lad when taken to the mainland of the Zefirola continent, his sisters unborn for a little while. They had not existed yet.
His mother, whom he once distinguished as “amaltu,” was quite comely, as black as glowing obsidian, copper hair as long and straight as soft rivers. A Loynn slave master and lord surely could not resist, and within that master’s sin, inside his mother, would bud three younger sisters. The moon of their birth would herald the suicide of Paltryce’s father and the bleeding-of-death of their mother. Delayneci, Ulayla, and Sahavri would grow to be the Nameless

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