Pam Fodrill Case Study Essay

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The popular television show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigations has been on the air for 12 years, and it has brought forth the behind-the-scenes actions of criminal investigations, even if its portrayals are not always scientifically accurate. This has caused an interest in the forensic sciences that has led most people to a skewed view of how a criminal investigation actually works. The reality of a criminal investigation is that it is generally more tedious and difficult than the theory of criminal investigation would have you believe. By examining the forensic and investigative procedures of the case of Pamela Foddrill, it is apparent that the theory of criminal investigation was not representative of the procedures concerning examination…show more content…
The news articles did not specify whether or not this tape was actually found and analyzed, but the text did not cover the admissibility of such evidence in a trial nonetheless. The text also did not cover something that was of great importance in the Foddrill case- the problems with DNA evidence. After three searches of Russell’s home, the only blood evidence they could find was not able to be tested for DNA because it was “either inconclusive or to small to be tested” (Course 105). This type of lack of evidence is very consistent with a problem investigators often encounter during trial known as the CSI Effect- where people expect large amounts of forensic evidence and grand presentations. Oftentimes, prosecutors will bring in experts to explain the lack of evidence in order to make what little they might have count. I was personally surprised by the lack of evidence, since the testimonies of Hubbell and Fowler seemed to indicate that there was a fair amount of violence in the crime and since the crime extended over a few days at least. In conclusion of the case, the investigators were able to convince a jury that Long, Redman, and Russell were guilty despite any flaws or faults within the forensic evidence. The investigative details of the Pamela Foddrill case remained very similar to criminal theory in most ways, but not all. In Lyman’s Criminal Investigations, there are eight steps detailed

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