Pan Africanism

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Pan-Africanism and the Organization of African Unity

Pan Africanism Definition

Pan-Africanism is a sociopolitical worldview, and philosophy, as well as a movement, which seeks to unify both native Africans and those of the African Diaspora, as part of a "global African community".

Pan Africanism represents the aggregation of the historical, cultural, spiritual, artistic, scientific and philosophical legacies of Africans from past times to the present. Pan Africanism as an ethical system, traces its origins from ancient times, and promotes values that are the product of the African civilization and struggles against slavery, racism, colonialism, and neo-colonialism.

Pan-Africanism is usually seen as
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The key aims of the first conference were:

To bring into closer touch with one another the peoples of African descent throughout the world

T o inaugurate plans to bring about a more friendly relationship between Caucasian and African races

To start moving to securing all African races living in civilized counties with full rights to promote their business interests.

The success of this early conference was limited but it did set the wheels in motion for greater debate. For the first time the various elements of anti-colonial and anti racial movements were brought to the forefront and discussed in the public light. Dubois led the 1st Pan-African congress, which took place in Paris 1919, to discuss racial discrimination against colored troops stationed in France after WW1.

The next major landmark in the history of Pan Africanism was the 1945 Manchester Pan Africanism Conference. For the first time the congress did not ask for recognition or favors from European powers. They unequivocally demanded an end to colonialism in Africa, in addition to demands for social justice and rights. All schemes of half freedom were rejected. The Manchester Congress gave an impetuous to the goal of achieving national independence. The next conference was in Ghana, this was a
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