Panama Canal Construction

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Many citizens of the United States have debated over whether the construction of the Panama Canal will actually improve their society or not. Seeing the final results of the construction project in Panama first-hand today, I believe that the United States definitely made a beneficial choice by building the Panama Canal. The advanced engineering techniques implemented into the canal fascinated me. This canal will enable the U.S. to greatly expand their influence. The economy will grow stronger due to the canal’s ability to significantly decrease the cost of shipping goods. Additionally, possessing the Panama Canal will enable the U.S. to strengthen their navy as well.
The Panama Canal will allow the United States to improve their economy tremendously. Although construction cost more than half a billion dollars, the money earned through using this canal will eventually exceed this price, as America will save a significant amount of money by using this shorter passage. Water transport
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Since last century, the U.S. has acquired many colonies. These include Puerto Rico and the The Philippines. By owning a canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the U.S. will be able to strengthen their influence on both current colonies and outside territories in general. Over the past decade and a half, the U.S. has begun to pursue a policy of imperialism, as shown in the Roosevelt Corollary, in which the U.S. declared that they should intervene in Western Hemisphere affairs when they felt necessary. Previously, in the Monroe Doctrine, the United States stated that European nations could not attempt to intervene in their affairs. This comparison displays the transformation of the U.S. from being a country against imperialism to a country which supports imperialism. The canal will allow the U.S. to travel to countries, in order to assist in their affairs, at a rapid
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