Panama Research Paper

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“Panama, an Exciting Country that joins the World” Panama is blessed by God because it is in the center of the American continent, so it is an excellent and privileged place to visit or to live in. Panama has been influenced by different cultures since colonial times. We have people from all races and from all over the world and they stay mostly there to start a new style of living or seeking for new horizons. Panama has many tourist places, exuberant vegetation, amazing rivers, mountains or volcanoes, exotic animals which are unique in the world, but the most valuable resource and treasure are Panamanians themselves. In my opinion, Panama is exciting paradise waiting to be explored since it has always been thought as a natural bridge that…show more content…
It has the shape of a lying “S”. It is a 77,082 square kms long country which was divided into nine provinces until last year when the tenth province was created officially according to our constitution. The tenth provinces have different cultures, traditions, dances, clothing, music and different regional identity that characterize each specific region. Thus, we can mention that the tenth provinces are: Bocas Del Toro, Cocle, Colon, Chiriqui, Darien, Herrera, Los Santos, Panama, Veraguas, and the new one which is called Panama Oeste. In each province visitors can experience different and exciting activities that will allow them to discover the beautiful richness of this tropical country. Second, Panama has many things to show the visitors from all over the world. The country offers a series of paradisiac beaches with white sands, coral reefs, dolphins and whales’ see sightings, gorgeous landscapes that will take your breath away, historical places, different sports and for those who like adventures there are also extreme sports for you to enjoy them. Each province offers amazing sights and a delicious gastronomy that will be like ambrosia to your taste. After you visit Panama, you will certainly like to come back or who knows maybe you will want to live in this fantastic country under a smiling
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