Pancakes Short Story

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“Pancakes” The overall topic of the story is about perfectionism and how it affects a person. In the story “Pancakes” by Joan Bauer, the protagonist in the story is Jill who is a perfectionist. Therefore she tries to make the community exultant and make things flawless, consequently, in the story Jill was unsuccessful at keeping things faultless at the restaurant. In the story “Pancakes” the overall argument is no one is perfect and everyone needs assistance. The literary devices revealing the theme is imagery, characterization, and simile. In the story “Pancakes” the theme is no one is perfect, therefore everybody needs help occasionally. One of the literary devices that reveal the theme is imagery. Imagery reveals that Jill had trouble keeping the restaurant organized. Jill is a perfectionist who wants to make the public satisfied and love her. She got a job from O Ye pancakes because she was organized, but her ex-boyfriend broke up with her since she was a perfectionist. When she was working at the joint everything was organized, until a bus dropped 66 people to the restaurant. It overwhelms Jill and causes every single thing to get out of hand. “... started towards the man, tripped over an environmentalist’s foot, which sent the syrup container flying, caught midair, but upside down… dumbly as syrup oozed onto the floor in a great, sticky glop. I lunged for the syrup container, slide on the spill, felt sugared muck coat my exposed flesh. Imagery describes how Jill
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