Pancreatic Cancer : A Form Of Cancer

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Pancreatic Cancer is a form of cancer in which malignant cancer cells invade the pancreas, a gland that produces digestive fluid and hormones that regulate blood sugar. There are two types of pancreatic cancer: exocrine and endocrine cancer. The malignant cells can infiltrate either the exocrine pancreatic cells, responsible for digestive fluid, or the endocrine pancreatic cells, responsible for regulatory hormones. If the pancreas’ exocrine cells are affected metabolic functions are slowed or stopped completely. Thus, this results in death. If the endocrine cells of the pancreas are affected hormones such as Insulin are unable to be produced and the bodies organs will shut down. Pancreatic Cancer usually begins in the exocrine cells and moves into the endocrine cells (Movva). Pancreatic cancer occurs when cells are mutated from genetic dispositions or detrimental behavioral habits. These mutated cells metastasize to form a tumor. Pancreatic cancer can afflict anyone, However, it is more common in those of African American descent, those with excessive body weights, and those who partake in risky behavioral habits. Pancreatic cancer is an incredibly lethal disease.


There is only one cause of pancreatic cancer, mutated genes. However, there are various ways that genes may become mutated. Firstly, some people are born with one mutant copy of a

gene and one healthy copy of a gene. These people will not be afflicted with pancreatic cancer unless the healthy copy of the…
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