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Introduction There are many forms of cancer. Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Leukemia, and Brain Cancer just to name a few, but the one I am bringing attention to in this essay is Pancreatic Cancer. Pancreatic Cancer is a very aggressive form of cancer and it has many risky factors. Many people do not know those risky factors important information dealing with Pancreatic Cancer and I will explain a few of those important things in this essay. The American Cancer Society and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America gave me a lot of information to help write about this topic.
Pancreatic Cancer starts in the tissues of the pancreas.To give a vivid image of the pancreas, it is a six-inch spongy shaped organ. Some people say it is shaped
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Cells may experience uncontrolled growth and if they are damaged or mutated in the DNA.There are four types of genes that are responsible for the cell division process. Those four types of genes are Oncogenes, Tumor Suppressor genes, Suicide genes, and DNA-Repair genes. Oncogenes tell the cells when to divide. Tumor Suppressor genes tell the cells when not to divide. Suicide genes controls apoptosis and tell the cells to kill themselves if something goes wrong. DNA-Repair informs the cells to repair damaged DNA. Cancer can occur when the cells of genes mutation are not able to correct damaged DNA and are not able to commit cell suicide. If you have some DNA mutations of the oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes that can lead to pancreatic cancer. It is a Great chance that the mutation was a result of some factors that affected the DNA after you were born rather than you inheriting it from your parents.
Other Factors and Causes As we age, there are other medical factors that can increase our chances in causing cancer mutations in the body. Age is a very important risk factor for pancreatic cancer. Especially for someone over the age of sixty, it is very common to be found in patients of that age. Diet and habits also pay a factor in increasing the chance of pancreatic cancer. Facts of pancreatic cancer states that pancreatic cancers are more likely to exist in men that women, and more in African Americans than whites. Smoking, obesity, and alcohol consumption is also consider big risk factors for pancreatic cancer.
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