Panda Restaurant Group : The Largest American Chinese Segment Restaurant Chain

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Panda Restaurant Group is a fast food restaurant chain who serve American Chinese cuisine. Panda Restaurant is the largest American Chinese segment restaurant chain in the United States. This company was founded and located in the United States. Panda was founded by Andrew Cherng and Peggy Cherng in 1983. The very first restaurant was opened in Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California by Andrew Cherng. There are more than 1,800 store globally including Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, and Dubai. There are over 27,000 associates and over $2 billion in sales. Panda Restaurant Group is the world leader in Asian dining experience and parent company of Panda Inn, Panda Express, and Hibachi-San. This American Chinese restaurant is…show more content…
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