Pandemic Death Monologue

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Pandemic Death So It started when I was young about nine years of age and it was early in the year 1350. It started a little like this, there was a knock on the door and I got up to go see who it was. When I opened the door there was a man on his horse. The man asked my parents were home, they were, so I said I could go and get them. Once I had gotten my parents the man asked if they are willing to go on a trip through the sea to Kwillining, London. They said they would, so they put in there few overalls and dirty old jeans into a small waggon that are going to have to hall 46 miles to get to the ship. I have two brothers…show more content…
Brett called me aside and Questioned me on why I let him come into the house.
I told him it was because I couldn't just tell him no or he would have came in anyways and we would look suspicious.
The man came in and was looking around. He asked,’’ Well it sure smells like death in here but i'm going to trust that everyone here is fine. If anyone needs me i'm two houses down just holler at the front door it's just me. My wife died from the plague about three four days ago.’’
‘’Im very sorry sir about your wife and all and we will make sure to stop by soon.’’
‘’Thank you thanks you I really appreciate it.’’ called the man halfway out the door.
One the door was shut I walked to the boiling pot of soup and put some in a bowl for Vera and called her in to eat. Next Brett came in and I got he and I some meat and bread. We sat eating thinking about what we would do now without john. Brett was done and he asked if he could step outside for a few moments.
I said,’’ Go ahead, but don't stay out there for long it's not good to breath in all the ashes and other
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Her mother had just died of plague and Elizabeth needed somewhere to go so, I invited her over.
Brett said,’’
We all went inside and ate some soup. Once we were done we told each other a little about what we liked to do for fun. After that we drew things in the dirt. WE were having so much fun together...Until there was a deep voice outside our door.
The voice was booming, dark, and scary. They then suddenly I saw the door split in two. A man about twice the height as me then thundered in. The man started rambling on about how everyone is dieing and that the world was going to end. I noticed there were swollen oval shaped things the size of an apple.
The man then asked,’’ I've traveled a long way and i'm so tired of seeing dead bodies everywhere I go I was also wondering if I could sit a while here. Just about everyone is dead around here.’’
I told him he could stay a while and I got him some fresh water. The man said he would replace our door and he was very sorry for hacking it down.
He got up and was getting ready to leave when he fell to the floor weakly and started coughing up blood. We knew exactly what this meant. He had the

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