Pandora's Box: What the Myth Means Today

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Pandoras Box: What the Myth Means TodayIntroductionImagine a life with no pain, worries, or misery in which to speak all evils held secure by a sacred beast or mythological container. This is the life described in many fantasies of the days before man, woman, and hardship. With any myth, however, unlocking and explaining the gift of knowledge and becoming aware seems to account for all evils that have been imparted upon humankind. This is a very similar beginning to the story of Adam and Eve in that a woman is blamed for all; thus, the story of Pandoras Box becomes relevant. This type of awareness comes at a price, usually a type of punishment received for deceit to account for humanitys inquisitiveness. In seeking to uncover the truth in…show more content…
In retribution for being tricked, Zeus took the fire of the gods away from men. Continuing his quest to teach men these skills, Prometheus snuck up to Mount Olympus and stole fire for humankind (Baase, n.d.). Our technological inventiveness has allowed us to create the tools necessary to extract a large amount of the worlds fossil fuels from the Earth. Though the knowledge weve learned has become valuable, the process of attaining this knowledge has been harmful to the planet. This ability is causing greenhouse gases and causing severe damage to the worlds environment. Another comparison has been made between Pandoras Box and the Internet because of the good that can come from the Internet, including shared knowledge, increased communication, and the breaking down of cultural barriers. Birnie (2004) states that those who fail to realize the profound effect of the Internet on all our lives are condemned to life in the cyberspace equivalent of a cave (¶2). The entire world is affected by the electronic environment that has been constructed. The good that has come from the Internet includes instant communication with friends and family, ease of commerce for big and small companies, stock trading, increased visibility and recognition for artists and those looking to share information, and simplicity of investigative and scientific research. With the creation and use of the Internet come Pandoras Box and the opening of many evils such

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