Panel Discussion On The State Of Texas

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Panel Discussion
On April 21st, Dr. Saxe held a panel discussion that lasted an hour and 30 minutes. All type of people that work at the local and state level went there, from people running for different districts to the state representative, Chris Turner. During this panel of discussion, 8 persons had the time to introduce themselves, what they’re running for, and what they would do if they get elected. This was a great day for this class because we had the opportunity to interact with people who holds positions in the state of Texas, giving us another view of how things work in Texas.
The candidates presented during this panel discussion were Representative Chris turner, who serves in the higher education committee for district 101. Sheri Capehart, who serves in district 2, all of her sons graduated from Arlington ISD. Kelly Cannon, running for city council, district 1, she is the one involved with taking away the red lights in Arlington. A person running for district seven in favor of online voting, which I believe is ridiculous. Charlie Parker, he’s the district 1 incumbent and an ex-pilot from the navy. Dr. Victoria Myers, she taught political science in UTA but now she is running for district seven, which is responsible by how Arlington looks. John Hibbs, a member of the school district at Arlington, he has served there for 6 years. And last but not least Jamie Sullins, the president of Arlington Independent School District. All of these people intend to do what they
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