Panem: A Short Story

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Petra felt like a queen. And in a way, she was. She was on the throne of one of the best mobs in Panem itself, making lots of money and bribing people to look the other way. She had peasants who worked for her and did her dirty work, though Petra herself didn't mind getting her own hands dirty. She had a mansion where she made her own rules and held extravagant parties. The brunette was adored and nobody could stop her. Before she was a princess, and now she was most definitely a queen. She loved the violent and reckless life she was living.

But she never forgot what role she held in the underground scene of the district. Her power went to her head, of course, but she was a ruler that was ruthless and very much showed it. She never let anyone
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The stupid Golds had gotten to her, as they stole one of her shipments of morphling. She, of course, warned all of her members that it would never happen again. If it did, there would be punishing consequences. She loved her gang like a family, but even she had to set harsh rules so they could all keep making as much money as possible.

Petra had a lead on one of the Golds members. Most citizens blended in, so it was hard to tell which gang member belonged to which gang, if any. And yet, sometimes their secrets were exposed. That was when Petra stuck. She loved to exploit other's weaknesses, especially the rival gang.

One of her information team leaders had told her about the lead, and that he usually went to a specific bar every night. Petra loved to go out, so she claimed that she would kill the man herself. The girl was pretty recognizable, though with a different makeup routine, her hair pulled up, and a dumb girl personality, she could be someone completely
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She was dressed in simple clothing with her hair in a ponytail. She had two needles of morphling in her pocket, knowing that if she could take it if she experienced withdraw symptoms, and her fake ID card, which had the name Gertrude Bell on it and was as real as one could get. In her other pocket, she had her small pistol, which was specifically made so people could hide it. She was extremely prepared and feeling quite invincible. She wanted to know how much she could push the boundaries of being out in public at this time of night, wondering if she would make it or not.

When she entered the small tavern, there were plenty of people drinking. It was definitely good for her to blend in. The man she was looking for was described to her as a blond, burly man with a long scar on his left cheek. Petra was excited to start playing the man she would end up murdering tonight.

Her lead was right, and when she slithered her way through the crowd, she saw him sitting alone at the bar with a beer. Another man was sitting next to him, though she knew how to play their game. She went up to the man next to blondie and tapped his shoulder. He turned around, shocked to see a girl like her in a

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