Paner A Successful Company With A Bright Future

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While I believe that Panera is a successful company with a bright future, I have a few recommendations which I hope could help Panera further grow their business. I have included a plan of action for each recommendation. I recommend that Panera open drive thru service in all of their restaurants. They could provide drinks and pastries through the drive thru to customers on the go in the morning. This would especially be beneficial during bad weather when consumers are leery of leaving their vehicles. By providing this service Panera will be able to get more of a market share on the morning commuters. To put this in action Panera should first analyze which of their buildings are already situated with an outside wall that could accommodate a window and driving lane. Next Panera should begin the training and construction needed at these stores. Panera should then evaluate any necessary changes to other stores that are within malls, or come to the realization that a drive thru is not an option without moving the stores. Those stores would be last to deal with. I recommend that Panera partner with recording companies to create promotions which will help both Panera and the recording industry. I think Panera would benefit from linking the customer rewards card with music downloads on the internet. In order to do this Panera would need to meet with several recording companies to obtain rights and to make a mutually beneficial agreement. After the agreement is in place Panera

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