Panera Bread : An Overview

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Panera Bread is currently one of the largest food establishment companies in the U.S. and Canada who is well established. The Company advantages are promoting the image of freshness and good quality bread. For instance, when a customer walks into the café, the first object they see is large bread. Superior customer service is one of the many advantages that Panera Bread accommodates. According to my friend Alex, who works at Panera Bread, he alluded that the associates go under an extensive training to ascertain that the customer experience is a good one but also delectable. Alex continues on to say that the company is very selective in their hiring process because they want the “right personality for the job.” (Alex) I can say that this…show more content…
Panera has access to some relevant resources, because the café is a large corporation, they have a lot of money and investment staffing. With this resource, Panera Bread can hire more driven, determine, and happy employees. In the technology department, they can instill a delivery app, used on any smartphone and customers can simply download the app. immediately after downloading the app, the customer can have a choice to have their food deliver. In other words, Customer A orders what he/she wants on their smartphone, then goes to pick it up, as oppose to waiting in line to order the food. Like anything else, it is experimentation, there are going to be glitches in the beginning. Nothing is going to be perfect. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this methodology. The advantages are the smartphone delivery app is intuitive, facile, and less intricate. The disadvantage of this is that the customers who are not technologically savvy are going to struggle and be confounded. That is why there is a choice of coming into the store to pick the product up or delivering. Another resource that Panera Bread can integrate in addition to having a delivery tab on their mobile app is a drive thru. I like to see this transpire, and the reason why is because all of the majors food establishment have them (Starbucks, Dunks, McDonalds, Subway) and the list goes on and on. By implementing a drive thru, not only will it be a facile way to interact with customers, but also
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