Panera Bread Company Case. Synopsis. The Bread Company

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Panera Bread Company Case
The bread company dates back to the 1976 Au Bon Pain. Panera bread started with the French oven manufacturer and later to Louis Kane who declared bankruptcy later. Upon eventual success in sales, the company acquired Saint Louis Bread in 1993 which later adopted the Panera café style of ambiance hence the name Panera Bread Company. The company grew over the years expanding cafes while franchising for more elaborate business and marketing strategies under Ronald Shaich until 2010.
Bread being the main commodity and entry into the Panera experience, Panera Bread Company works under and concept Ronald Shaich terms as Concept Essence. The Panera experience entails artisan bread that allows for creativity,
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The company is not only spread through the USA but also in Canada while maintaining a required number of franchises, company owned bakery-cafes and fresh dough operations. As of 2009, the company owned and ran a total of 1380 bakery-cafes 795 being franchise owned, 585 Company-owned bakery-cafes and 23 fresh dough operations in USA and Canada. Their bakery-cafes are mainly located in the suburban, strip mall and regions mall area operations designed in relaxing décor and free internet access as well as assurance of timely and quality service. Panera Bread company has one of the best policies for its staffing needs under the longest serving CEO and a significant turnover in 2010.
Panera bread has bread as its primary commodity which can be considered its trademark but deals in quite a wide range of bread products such as sandwiches, burgers, burns, lunch items soups and vegetarian offering in their cafes with a wide variety of healthy menu options. They produce and serve their products using a health standard and high levels of cleanliness. They were named number one on the Healthiest Eating on the Go by Health Magazine.
Capabilities and core competencies
One of the most intrinsic things about Panera was its ability to maintain quality among its branches. The ingredient used in one bakery was used in all the other bakeries. To maintain the production idea all the dough used was made from the 23 facilities which then distributed to the other branches

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