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Analysis of Panera Bread Company's Leadership A company must have sound leadership to be successful in today’s global market. There are many types of leadership styles that one can perform such as transformational and visionary. However, there is not any one style of leadership that is greater than the other. True leaders, no matter what style they choose, have the initiative and drive to out-perform the competition. Today’s business market has forced leaders to become change agents that can effectively formulate and implement a strategic vision and mission. Panera Bread Company Louis Kane and Ron Shaich formed a bakery-café called Au bon Pain Company in 1981. Their stores were strategically located along the…show more content…
This is done through the ability of one to motivate their employees to buy into the vision that the leader has (Metcalf & Benn, 2013). Shaich demonstrated this ability through the transformation of his business from a few units into 703 company-owned cafés. Shaich’s philosophy was clearly laid out with his vision to be the largest fast-casual restaurant chain while serving others in the process. Panera’s administration teamed believed that they should motivate their employees to provide a pleasing service that would separate them from competition. Unique Leadership Practices and Strategic Success Panera’s leadership team provided many behaviors that supported the strategic success of their organization. They were dedicated to serving others and focused on strategic practices such as self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills (Dess et al., 2012). The leadership practices are not so much unique but were applied in all aspects of their business. Other leaders of successful organizations have exhibited many of the same behaviors that the leadership team at Panera Bread Company used. Panera Bread Company was very customer focused and this was evident by the training that was required of their employees. The leadership team invested substantial amounts of money training and hiring employees that would help their company become a major force in their market share. The success that Panera Bread Company had could also be attributed to the physical
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